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Victorian animals. Anthropomorphism.

Anthropomorphism is a recurring art in the 18th century, and we find many examples through illustrated literature, as well as master paintings. Dogs, cats, but also and above all animals of the hunt, even of the farm, thus adorn themselves with ceremonial outfits, and take the pose, thus giving a surrealist counterpart to an overly strict rigor of the period portrait, revealing the unbreakable and natural bond between Man and Animal.

In the manner of these master paintings, but with the means of today, we wanted to re-work this art, so that a little of this forgotten poetry, of a rare elegance, re-invest your "cottages. "...

We thus realize

- original creations accessible in numbered prints, and printed on high-end paper,

- tailor-made portraits of your 4-legged life companions, on unique and certified prints,

- and in order to sublimate these portraits in your interior, we suggest that you frame them, from a selection of frames

old, in wood and stucco, found and restored by us.

Lovers of beautiful materials, flavors & atmospheres of yesteryear, we have been developing our worlds and portraits for some time on new supports and materials. Thus we realize by ourselves or with qualified craftsmen, small medallion frames, candles, paperweights, cushions etc ...

Herewith some scenes of our achievements ...

Passionate about Photography & Graphic Arts, totally self-taught and far from my "real" job, I have always had a fascination with the Victorian era and mystical, surrealist universes ...

A devouring passion, maintained over the years, in all forms of art, that it is time to share and confront to the public eye ...

John Byron?


A pseudonym, borrowed a few years ago, from a famous 18th century navigator, one of those "explorers" somewhat famous in his time, one of whose grandsons was none other than the famous romantic poet, Lord Byron .

At that time, I devoted myself to the practice of Urban Exploration (also known as Urbex, photography of abandoned places), and had acquired the habit of affixing a few verses of my own on each series of photos, inspired by these places of desolation. I had even made a website (, today unmaintained.

I might come back one day ...


At the same time a little "explorer" and a little " poet", a little Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, welcome to my "world", a world where rhymes with a certain elegance, the hints of a fallen and bygone era. ..

J. Byron.

John B. Productions. Victorian Digital Art.

Anthropomorphism - Gothic - Surrealism.

Original creations

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Tailor-made portraits

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Victorian Digital Art

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